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HANDLER Insulated Bucket Truck Shines at the "2024 International Competition for Live-line Work Skills in Distribution Network"

Recently, the 18-meter hybrid insulated boom lift truck developed by HANDLER made a spectacular appearance at the Russian "2024 International Skills Competition for Live Working in Distribution Networks". It showcased HANDLER's technological advancement and innovation strength in aerial work vehicles, especially insulated aerial work trucks in the power industry, to international peers. Representatives from various countries took the opportunity to test drive and experience the vehicle, fully affirming the performance and quality of HANDLER's products.


Competition Scene



Representatives from the power industry of various countries operated HANDLER's products on site


The head of the Russian Live Line Working Center and the HANDLER team took a group photo together

Technical Advantages and Product Highlights

Compared to international peers, the 18-meter hybrid insulated boom lift truck of HANDLER integrates multiple advanced technologies, designed specifically for high-altitude operations in the power system, featuring the following significant advantages:

  • High safety: The vehicle uses advanced insulating materials and designs, ensuring the absolute safety of operators during live work. Its insulation performance not only meets international standards but also performed excellently in multiple tests, earning high praise from industry experts.

  • Operational flexibility: The boom lift truck is equipped with a modern full hydraulic system, using a 3D multifunctional handle and multi-way manual proportional valve control, making it flexible to operate even in complex and changing work environments. This design not only improves work efficiency but also greatly reduces the difficulty of operation, cutting down on work time and costs.

  • Durability and reliability: The upper structure uses high-strength steel and undergoes stringent process treatment, ensuring stable operation under various harsh conditions. Its long-term reliability makes it an ideal choice for high-intensity, high-frequency work scenarios.

  • Environmental adaptability: Whether in the extreme cold of Russian winters or in hot summers, HANDLER's 18-meter insulated boom lift truck demonstrates excellent adaptability, ensuring normal operation under different climate conditions.

International Market Expansion and Cooperation

The debut at the Russian "2024 International Skills Competition for Live Working in Distribution Networks" is one of the significant initiatives of HANDLER to expand into international markets. The competition brings together industry experts and practitioners from Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Azerbaijan, serving as an important platform to showcase distribution network skills.

Through this display, HANDLER demonstrated its strong technical strength and innovation capabilities to global customers and peers, further enhancing the brand's international reputation. Company representatives stated that by participating in this competition, HANDLER not only hopes to promote its high-end equipment to the international market but also looks forward to strengthening technical exchanges and cooperation with global peers to jointly promote the development of the power industry.


The company delegation was interviewed by Tatarstan THB TV channel

Future Prospects

With the continuous growth of global power demand and rapid advancements in power equipment technology, HANDLER will continue to focus on technological innovation and product optimization, constantly launching safer, more efficient, and more reliable high-altitude work solutions. The company plans to further expand its international market share in the coming years, striving to become a leader in the global aerial work vehicle field.

Actively participating in major international competitions and exhibitions, HANDLER demonstrates its product credibility and influence through practical operations and technical displays, laying a solid foundation for future market expansion and cooperation. The company will continue to adhere to technological innovation as its core, oriented towards customer needs, continuously improving product quality and service levels, and working hard to contribute to the safe and efficient operation of the global power industry.

Exhibition Details and Reactions

During the competition, HANDLER's booth attracted a large amount of attention from the audience and industry experts. The on-site operation demonstrations and technical explanations triggered widespread discussion and praise. Many visitors appreciated the advancement and practicality of HANDLER's 18-meter insulated boom lift truck and expressed cooperation intentions.


Members of the exhibiting HANDLER team stated that this exhibition was not only a technical display but also a valuable opportunity for learning and exchange. By interacting with global peers, the team gained insights into the latest industry trends and demands, providing important references for future product development and improvement.

HANDLER's Internationalization Strategy

HANDLER has always been committed to an international development strategy, gradually establishing a foothold in the international market through technological innovation and global market layout. The company will continue to strengthen its connections with international customers and partners, promoting more independently developed high-tech products globally.

The successful debut at the Russian "2024 International Skills Competition for Live Working in Distribution Networks" not only enhanced the international reputation of the HANDLER brand but also broadened the company's channels for international promotion. HANDLER will continue to drive innovation, boosting the influence and competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing in the global market and striving to achieve higher goals.

The successful debut of HANDLER's 18-meter hybrid insulated boom lift truck marks another breakthrough for Chinese manufacturing in high-tech fields and heralds a bright future for HANDLER in the international market. We look forward to HANDLER maintaining its leading edge and creating even more splendid achievements in the future.

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