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Xuzhou Handler 2024 ''Climbing New Heights'' New Year Gala

After the joyous Year of the Rabbit, we welcome the time of the Dragon Year. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, Helenzhe Company will hold a grand celebration to welcome the Lunar New Year of the Dragon on the morning of February 7, 2024, with lights and decorations.

The annual meeting consists of segments such as "Awarding Excellence," "Artistic Performances," "Red Packet Rain," and "Games." Hard work always pays off, and diligent efforts will surely yield results. Fame does not seek the hurried traveler, and time rewards the doer. The company recognized and rewarded groups and employees who made outstanding contributions in various tasks during the year 2023.

Commendation Conference

With the start of the splendid programs, the joyous games and the exciting Red Packet Rain also kicked off one after another. The scene was filled with the sound of drums and cheers, especially the lucky star segment of the "Red Packet Rain," which made the atmosphere exceptionally warm. Employees and their families joined in team activities such as "Hula Hoop Match" and "Chicken Laying Eggs."

Commendation Conference of Company

Looking forward to 2024, we will unite and forge ahead with a tenacious and down-to-earth attitude, advancing on a new journey filled with glory and dreams. In 2024, we will set sail with determination, reaching new heights in creating a new chapter for Helenzhe's business!

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