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Handler Emergency Vehicles

Handler Emergency Vehicles

As one of the leading emergency vehicles manufacturers, we are committed to the research and development, production and sales of special-purpose vehicles. Our emergency vehicles for sale include aerial work platforms, mobile power supply vehicles, fire trucks and fire-fighting robots. Our mission is to make special operations safer, more comfortable and faster.

Types of Emergency Vehicles for Sale

Safety Innovations in Handler Emergency Vehicles

Production and Processing Safety

The world's leading CNC cutting machines and electro-hydraulic synchronous bending machines are used for blanking; automatic welding robots are used combined with manual welding; the world's leading painting system is used.

Vehicle Performance Safety

The complete vehicle must pass road driving tests to satisfied the driving requirements of various road conditions, tipping tests, rain tests, and pass 10,000 operational reliability tests, etc.

Innovations in Emergency Vehicles Design by Handler

Innovations in Emergency Vehicles Design by Handler
  • Leading technology

    The main drafting unit of China's national standards for aerial work platforms.

    The most patents related to special vehicles.

    A professional design and R & D team of more than 200 people.

  • Safety and Reliability

    It has more than 400 sets of professional processing and production equipment to ensure accurate cutting, exquisite painting and accurate assembly.

    It has a world-class special vehicle testing center to ensure the safety and reliability of vehicle driving and operation.

Advantages of Handler Emergency Response Vehicles

Unique Design

Every design is carefully calculated and simulated; every improvement is pre-researched in advance.

Manufacturing Excellence

Strictly control every process to ensure accurate and efficient production.

Safe Testing

The entire vehicle must pass various reliability operation tests.

The Use of Emergency Response Vehicles

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

MEWPs are indispensable in construction, allowing workers to safely reach high places for tasks such as installation, maintenance, and repair of structures.

Power Supply Vehicles

For outdoor events, concerts, and festivals, power supply vehicles ensure a reliable power source for lighting, sound systems, and other essential equipment.

They supply power in remote or undeveloped areas where grid power is unavailable.

Fire Engines

Fire engines are the backbone of firefighting operations, equipped with water, foam, and other agents to combat fires in urban, rural, and wildland settings.

Special Vehicle Solutions

As one of the most professional emergency vehicles manufacturers, we pursue the business philosophy of "taking customer success as our responsibility" and are committed to the special vehicle industry, becoming industry experts and industry leader.

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