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Successful Launch of Intelligent Manufacturing MOM Project

On the morning of May 21, the kickoff meeting for HANDLER's Intelligent Manufacturing MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) project was successfully held. The company's general manager, Yin Yaping, Huatian Software's executive president, Feng Zhixiang, along with members of both project teams, attended the meeting. This meeting marks a solid step forward for HANDLER in the field of intelligent manufacturing, laying a strong foundation for the company to achieve more efficient and smarter production management.


With the rapid development of global manufacturing, intelligence and digitalization have become key elements for enterprises to enhance their competitiveness. As a leading company in the industry, HANDLER actively responds to market demands and continuously explores the path of intelligent transformation. The MOM project aims to achieve smart, informational, and integrated production processes through the introduction of advanced manufacturing operations management concepts and technologies, thereby improving the overall operational efficiency and product quality of the enterprise.

In recent years, the company has been promoting product upgrades, quality upgrades, and digital transformation from a strategic management perspective. It follows a path of standardization—automation—digitalization to gradually advance the construction of digital factories and intelligent manufacturing. This involves transitioning from traditional manufacturing methods to automated and digital manufacturing methods, automating key processes, and building a MOM system to realize digital production transformation. On this basis, the company aims to complete the automation transformation of production manufacturing gradually, deeply integrate information and physical systems, achieve the digital management of the full life cycle of vehicle equipment, and establish a digital factory.

The goal of this project is to achieve comprehensive monitoring of the vehicle production process through the construction of the MOM system, ensure quality traceability throughout the process, and improve the company's operational and control capabilities through visualization and other means, leading to scientific business decision-making and enhanced production operation efficiency. It aims to accomplish transparent production management, quality traceability management, intelligent warehousing logistics, plan management, equipment networking management, visual management, and system integration.

At the project's kickoff meeting, leaders of both project teams expressed their commitment to close cooperation to ensure the project's timely progress, also confidently asserting that the implementation of the Intelligent Manufacturing MOM project will be a resounding success.


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