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Fire Engine

Fire Engine

Special vehicle equipped with various fire-fighting equipment or fire-extinguishing agents is used for fire-fighting, auxiliary fire-fighting or fire rescue. Its primary purpose is to carry firefighters to the scene, provide water with which to fight a fire, and carry other equipment needed by firefighters. The capabilities, features, and size of custom fire engines can vary widely depending on their specific functions, the fire department’s needs, and the community they serve.

Types of Fire Engine for Sale

Fire Truck

Fire Robot

Fire Truck Fire Truck
Extinguishing work can be completed independently by spraying different fire extinguishing agents.
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Fire Robot Fire Robot
It can replace fire rescue personnel to enter the scene of dangerous disasters such as flammable, explosive, toxic, hypoxic, dense smoke, etc. to collect fire extinguishing data.
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The Role of Fire Engine

  • City Fire Protection

    Fire trucks are mainly used for fighting and rescuing urban fires, including residential buildings, commercial buildings, public facilities and other places.

  • Forest Fire Protection

    Fire trucks are mainly used to fight and rescue forest fires, including forest parks, forest farms, nature reserves and other areas.

  • Petrochemical

    Fire trucks are mainly used to ensure the safety of the transportation and handling of flammable and explosive substances and prevent accidents.

The Role of Fire Engine

Advantages of Handler Fire Engine

  • Fire trucks are available in various types, and can be used for fire fighting and fire rescue work in various scenarios

  • Fire-fighting robots are available in various types, and can complete various tasks such as fire extinguishing, demolition, surveying, and data collection.

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