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Xuzhou Handler's Blue-Plate 28-Meter Aerial Work Platform Vehicle Classic Upgrade!

As the Spring Festival approaches, Helenzhe's 28-meter aerial work platform vehicle enters a booming sales mode, igniting the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival.

Since the launch of the blue-plate 28-meter aerial work platform vehicle, customer feedback has been enthusiastic, and the market's warmth continues to rise. Customers flocking to the company to purchase their desired vehicles have been endless, with many expressing firm confidence in Helenzhe's products. After purchasing, they joyfully share their happiness and satisfaction on social media platforms like WeChat Moments and TikTok.

The Helenzhe blue-plate 28-meter aerial work platform vehicle is another classic blue-plate product that our company has devotedly created based on the classic models of 20 meters, 22 meters, and 25 meters. The product's boom adopts an original polygonal bending design and processing technology, especially the bending of the channel steel under each boom section. After thorough theoretical analysis and 100,000 fatigue tests, different booms have different numbers of bends to ensure minimal deformation, high strength, and good motion stability of the boom. This not only guarantees the stability and safety of the aerial work platform vehicle but also significantly improves work efficiency.

The quality and safety of aerial work platform vehicles are directly related to the life safety of every customer and are always our pursuit. Helenzhe's mission is to make aerial work safer, more comfortable, and more efficient. We will continue to adhere to quality, persist in innovation, and provide you with better products and services. Let's work together to create a better future!

Meter Aerial Work Platform Vehicle Classic Upgrade

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