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Mastering Special Vehicles Maintenance: Essential Tips for Longevity

Special vehicle maintenance should be paid special attention to, the more detailed the special vehicle maintenance, the longer the special vehicle driving age will be maintained. The fall season is the best time to adjust and maintain your special vehicle as it has just passed through the hot summer and will soon be back to the freezing cold. Special vehicle maintenance after the summer heat is also a good preparation for the coming winter driving.

Disinfecting the Interior of the Vehicle

In the summer heat, air conditioners are frequently used in closed special vehicles. However, using the air conditioning for a long time will gather and breed mold inside the vehicle, causing air pollution inside the vehicle. So, remember to decontaminate the air conditioner inside the vehicle.

Checking the Engine Compartment

Check whether various oils in the special vehicle are deteriorated so that they can be replaced in time. In addition, water quality liquids such as water tank water, wiper water, antifreeze, etc., in the car should likewise be examined and replaced in time if they have deteriorated.

Cleaning the Water Tank Condensation Network

Throughout the summer, the special vehicle's water tank condensation net is prone to gather leaves, gray layer, cotton wool, and other garbage impurities. These garbage impurities gathered in the water tank condensing network for a long time, not only easy to breed bacteria but also affect the water tank and condenser heat dissipation function. Therefore, it is best to clean the condensing network thoroughly in the fall.

Battery Daily Maintenance

  • Starting time should not be too long to prevent the battery from being damaged by a long time high current. It is recommended that the starting time is 3 to 5 seconds, and a break of 10 to 20 seconds should be ensured between two starts.

  • Avoid over-discharging the battery, and avoid using high-power electrical appliances such as headlights, seat heating, stereo, and air conditioning after parking.

  • If the special vehicle is not used for a long time, the negative pole of the battery should be disconnected, or the special vehicle should be started every other week and run for 30 minutes to charge the battery. Because, even if the car is locked, the vehicle anti-theft system and other electrical appliances will still have a weak current in the work, the long time not to use the special vehicle will lead to battery loss damage.

To summarize, the importance of special vehicle maintenance is self-evident. It can not only prolong the service life of the special vehicle, ensure driving safety, but also provide a comfortable and healthy driving environment for drivers. Only if we take good care of it, the special vehicle can provide stable and reliable support for our traveling.

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