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water tower fire truck

Water Tower Fire Truck (18, 32m)

Used in urban armed police fire brigades and enterprises and other professional fire brigades, applied to fires in large shopping malls, supermarkets, residences, elevated roads, large warehouses, oil tanks, large-span factories, etc., below 40 metres, and can also be applied to fires in ports and harbours, large-scale chemical factories, airports, tunnels, oilfields and other fires.

Specification of Water Tower Fire Truck (18, 32m)

Full-load mass (kg):


Overall dimensions (mm):

Length 9780 wide 2540 height 3800

Specific power (kW / t):


Chassis brand / model:

Sinotruk / ZZ5357TXFV464MF1

Maximum chassis power (kW):


Number of passengers (person)


effluent standard:

country Ⅵ

Approach angle / departure angle of (°)


Top vehicle speed (km / h):


Minimum turning radius (m):


Maximum operation height (m):


Maximum operating range (m):


Arm Change Angle (°):

Expansion arm 0~80 (relative level)
Folding arm 0~180 (relative expansion arm)

Slim range:

360° continuous rotation

Leg spread time (s):


Boom lifted to maximum height and rotated 90° time (s):


Fire-extinguishing agent loading capacity (L):

6900 (water: 3300, Class B foam: 1600, dry powder 2000)

Brand / model of fire pump:

Dali / CB10 / 100-PSP1600

Pump pressure / flow rate (MPa / (L / s)):


Brand / model of fire gun:

POK/ PZKD10 ▪5~15/80•25-SNAKE4.0

Cannn pressure / flow (MPa / (L / s)):


Foam proportional mixer Model:

Foreman / PHA125B

Mixing Solution Flow Rate (L/s):


Features of Water Tower Fire Truck (18, 32m)

High safety: the boom, leg and sub-frame are made of high strength welded steel, the boom is polygonal structure to improve the rigidity of the boom, the safety factor is higher than the national standard requirements, to ensure the absolute safety of personnel. This emergency fire truck is equipped with more than ten safety protection functions, such as soft leg protection and broken chain protection, to ensure the safety of operation and can operate at ease.

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